Communication Jobs

Duty Description

  • To conduct Census publicity
  • To liase with public through different platforms to create awareness,
  • Stakeholder engagement coordination,
  • Census media relations, trade fairs
  • To distribute promotional material,
  • Attend to Call centers, radio interviews
  • Respond to public queries, social media management, promoting statistics, production of promotional and awareness content, ensure maximum Census participation.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • A Degree in Media related fields, Diploma in media related field and relevant work experience in publicity and communication field.
  • Please note that the position requires the frequent use of a personal computer. Therefore, brining your own laptop will be an added advantage.

Closing Date: 16 May 2023

The company ONLY accept applications vis their career portal. Interested candidates can apply via the link below:



Perform functions related to public relations, communications, journalism, content creation, media relations, media monitoring and social media management.


Key Performance Areas:

  • Implement the approved communication and public relations policies, procedures and processes aligned to SU’s overall strategic objectives.
  • Provide professional support and advice on communication / PR to line and departmental managers and advises on best practice.
  • Analyze public information, potential threats and trends that may impact SU and report to management on key activities.
  • Execute PR and communication campaigns.
  • Attend to requests for information from interested and affected parties.
  • Compile and edit in-house magazines, key note speeches, articles case studies, speeches, articles and annual reports and ensure distribution to all stakeholders.
  • Promote SU on local and international media with articles and multimedia contents.
  • Support sound relationships with all internal and external stakeholders by executing and perform activities related to the stakeholder engagement plan.
  • Monitor and evaluate stakeholder perceptions through market research.
  • Provide information and education on Swakop Uranium (SU) to all stakeholders, including schools and other educational institutions.
  • Foster community relations through events such as open days, exhibitions, tours, visits and involvement in community initiatives.
  • Organize and participate as designated by the Company in public engagement events such as conferences, seminars and exhibitions.
  • Liaise with and answers queries from media or other stakeholders, often via telephone and email as per direction from management.
  • Assist to establish and maintain an excellent relationship with the local and international media.
  • Research, write and distribute approved press releases to targeted media.
  • Write story angles / messages in order to proactively contact the media with trends, story ideas, interviews and executive team/board perspectives.
  • Prepare and coordinate public interviews, press conferences and presentations.
  • Design, write and/or produce presentations, articles, leaflets, ‘in-house’ journals, reports, publicity brochures, information for web sites and promotional videos.
  • Update the information on the SU internal and external websites and social media accounts.
  • Monitor that the SU logo and branding in advertisements, newsletters, and brochures are in accordance with SU policy and interests.
  • Maintain information systems promptly to meet communication and PR reporting requirements.
  • Prepare and maintain records and compile statistical reports concerning communication and PR related data. 3. Analyze statistical data and prepare reports to identify causes of problems and develop recommendations to improve SU’s communication and PR policies and practices.

Requirements and experience:

  • Grade 12;
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communication/Journalism/Marketing/Public Relations Management or related field.
  • 3 years’ working experience in public relations and corporate relations environment.
  • Valid Code 08 Drivers License.

Closing Date: 02 February 2023

The company ONLY accept application via their career portal. Interested candidates can apply via the link below:


Translator at SWAKOP URANIUM

Posted by | January 9, 2023 | Communication Jobs


To translate speeches and/or official documents from English to Mandarin and vice versa and provide administration support to the Board.


 Key Performance Areas:

  • Execute tasks relevant to internal and external communications as directed.
  • Attend to public relations projects as needed or required.
  • Analyse words expressed through verbal/oral communication in one language and interpret them using another language.
  • Interpret messages simultaneously or consecutively into specified languages by listening to the speaker’s statements to determine meanings and to prepare interpretation.
  • Maintain message content, context and meaning as much as possible.
  • Assimilate the speaker’s words quickly, including jargon and acronyms.
  • Prepare paperwork and agenda before meetings or speeches.
  • Adhere to the professional code of ethics to ensure confidentiality and impartiality.
  • Act as a liaison between SU and CGN/URC on all matters pertaining to board meetings.
  • Translate Board Meeting packs for the Board Chairman and concerned Board members.
  • Provide assistance with board preparation, and post board meeting activities.



Requirements and experience:

  • Grade 12.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics or Bachelor degree in Communication or related field.
  • 5 years’ experience as an Interpreter/Translator of English and Mandarin.
  • Experience in board secretarial duties and administration.
  • Valid Code B/BE Driver’s License.

Closing date: 23 January 2023