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3 great ways to answer the question “why do you want this job?”

Posted by | November 20, 2023 | Articles

The question “why do you want this job” could be one of the trickiest questions you could be asked in an interview. However, there are some great answers that could make you win the interviewer over.

Sometimes, getting or losing the job could lie in how you answer the questions asked.

1. Look for positive reasons

The employer knows why you want the job, but an employer would love to see two things in your response originality and positivity, and if your response can cut across those two, you’d win over the employer.

An increase in salary wouldn’t help you but answers that include your love for the industry, the company’s reputation and your drive to be better in the company will do the trick.

2. A long-term goal

No employer wants to recruit a staff and lose that person within a short time. Making the employer believe that it’s more than a short-term target to you will be a killer answer.

3. Create a link between your skills and the job description

An employer wants to know that you are good at the job and you love the job, so an answer that suggests your professional skills and experiences match the job and that you love job will be good enough for most employers.

The question “why do you want this job?” might truly be tricky, but if you answer the question with the application of these tips, you might just wow that recruiter.

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