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Job Positions at ROSSING URANIUM


ROSSING URANIUM is looking for qualified candidates to fill the following positions:

      – Superintendent: Asset Management (Closing date: June 02, 2023)

      – Laboratory Technician (Closing date: May 26, 2023)

      – Superintendent: Comminution (Closing date: May 26, 2023)

      – Artisan: Fitters (Closing date: May 26, 2023)

      – Artisan: Diesel Mechanic (Closing date: May 26, 2023)

      – Artisan: Boilermaker (Closing date: May 26, 2023)


  1. Looking for any kind of job frkm general to driver who is availableat your company have experience of 12 years driving

  2. I m a plumber with more than 7 years experience l am looking an kind of job if you have anything around there

  3. I am a code C1 driver’s license with Gp / ready to start, Actually i am working for BL Harbett International company in windhoek.

  4. Hendrik shivute with more than 10 years industrial working in electrical general, with code B drivers license. I need any related technical job

  5. I’m specialist in Quality controller, Driver and Counterbalance operator for more than 10 years at all.. Currently a tax driver, so I’m ready for one above mentioned at all the time thanks.

  6. I Secilia Shigwedha looking for job attachment as fitter and turner level 1 1 trainee, I can also volunteer myself to work with you please

  7. I am Stefanus Linovene a Health and Safety by profession and Mobile crane operator as well , Holding Nosa certificate ,I am looking forward to secure a job in similar job or even General work…. Thank you


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